Academy of Management Journal
₱ 29,450

The Academy of Management Journal (AMJ) is ranked among the top five most influential and frequently..

Academy of Management Learning and Education
₱ 21,200

Academy of Management Learning and Education is the fourth and most recent journal sponsored by the ..

Academy of Management Perspectives
₱ 21,200

The Academy of Management Perspectives (AMP) publishes articles and symposia that address important ..

Academy of Management Review
₱ 28,020

The Academy of Management Review (AMR) is ranked among the top ten most influential and frequently c..

Accounting Horizons
₱ 30,370

Accounting Horizons, a journal of the American Accounting Association, is a publication providing ne..

Asia-Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation
₱ 27,240

Asia-Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation (APJMRI) is a quarterly double-blind, pee..

Australian Journal of Management
₱ 35,800

Australian Journal of Management publishes research in accounting, applied economics, finance, indus..

Business and Society
₱ 60,360

Wide-ranging in scope, Business & Society presents the latest theory, empirical research and ana..

Business Information Review
₱ 51,970

Business Information Review is the only journal devoted entirely to the practice of business informa..

Foreign Service Journal
Harvard Business Review
₱ 11,900

Invest in yourself – drive change, innovate for growth, lead smarter - from the best and the brighte..

Journal of Business and Management
Journal of Managerial Issues
₱ 14,450

The purpose of the Journal of Managerial Issues is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge dir..

Management Science
₱ 21,950


Management Today
₱ 17,360

With in depth coverage of the best and brightest new companies, personalities and management techniq..

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