Pacific Historical Review
PAJ : A Journal of Performance and Art
Philosophy and Literature
Philosophy Now
₱ 5,600


Psychology and Education
₱ 3,740

PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION is a quality journal devoted to basic research, theory, and techniques and ..

Psychology of Religion and Spirituality
Public Management
₱ 14,325

Public Management (PM)  aims to inspire innovation, inform decision making, connect leading-edg..

Quarterly Applied Mathematics
₱ 15,530

The Quarterly of Applied Mathematics contains original papers in applied mathematics which have a cl..

Ranger Rick (for ages 7 up)
₱ 3,940

Ranger Rick originally Ranger Rick's Nature Magazine, is a children’s nature magazine that is publis..

Recreational Sports Journal
₱ 24,240

Research and practical information for recreational sports professionals• Offers a blend of the..

Religion and American Culture
Research in the Teaching of English
₱ 7,100

Research in the Teaching of English (RTE) is a multidisciplinary journal composed of original resear..

Reviews in American History
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