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Biocontrol Science and Technology


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 Biocontrol Science and Technology presents original research and reviews in the fields of biological pest, disease and weed control. The journal covers the following areas:

    Animal pest control by natural enemies
    Biocontrol of plant diseases
    Weed biocontrol
    'Classical' biocontrol
    Augmentative releases of natural enemies
    Quality control of beneficial organisms
    Microbial pesticides
    Properties of biocontrol agents, modes of actions and methods of application
    Physiology and behavior of biocontrol agents and their interaction with hosts
    Pest and natural enemy dynamics, and simulation modeling
    Genetic improvement of natural enemies including genetic manipulation
    Natural enemy production, formulation, distribution and release methods
    Environmental impact studies
    Releases of selected and/or genetically manipulated organisms
    Safety testing
    The role of biocontrol methods in integrated crop protection
    Conservation and enhancement of natural enemy populations
    Effects of pesticides on biocontrol organisms
    Biocontrol legislation and policy, registration and commercialization.

All published research articles in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and review by at least two expert anonymous referees.

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