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Dance Magazine

On top of the dance world for over 80 years. Dance Magazine has the world at your feet...

₱ 5,550
Dance Teacher

Dance Teacher is the ONLY magazine written just for dance professionals. Each ..

₱ 3,780

Dedicated to the mountain biking culture and lifestyle, Decline Magazine provides the most in dept..

₱ 9,550
Delicious (AUS)

Delicious Magazine celebrates food and the people who produce it, from celebrity chefs to passionate..

₱ 6,110
Dessert Professional

Fantastic chocolate recipes and desert ideas along with coverage of top restaurants around the w..

₱ 5,470

Established in 2001, DestinAsian is a leading luxury travel and lifestyle magazine in the Asia-Pac..

₱ 6,060
Diabetes Forecast

All articles are reviewed by a dedicated group of health care professionals with clinical and/or res..

₱ 3,390
Diabetic Living

Diabetic Living delivers an abundance of useful health information, tantalizing recipes, tips for en..

₱ 3,500

Founded in 1971, diacritics offers a forum for rethinking the aims and methods of the humanities. ..

₱ 10,070
Dig into Histoy (for ages 9 and 14)

Dig into History is an archaeological magazine for children 9-14. Each issue explores ancient ruins,..

₱ 4,470
Digital arts Magazine

Digital Arts offers comprehensive coverage of the art of graphic design, 3D, animation, video, effec..

₱ 10,390
Digital Camera World

A guide to digital imaging and digital photography, Digital Camera World is full of tips, techniques..

₱ 9,350
Digital Photo

Covers the new desktop darkroom or home photo lab technologies, trends and methods for modern photo ..

₱ 2,410
Digital Photo Pro

Filled with in-depth gear reviews, articles on technique and the best inspiring images, Digital Phot..

₱ 4,480
Digital Photographer UK

Digital Photographer is a British magazine packed with lessons and tutorials on how to shoot, e..

₱ 9,100
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