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E C and M ( Electrical Construction and Maintenance)

EC&M magazine is the technical authority for 140,000+ electrical professionals, including 84,500..

₱ 10,250
Economic Development and Cultural Change
Editor and Publisher

Editor & Publisher is the source newspaper professionals go to when they need information and ..

₱ 11,850
Education (Online)

As a professional education journal, Education seeks to support the teaching and learning aspects of..

₱ 18,380
Education Finance and Policy

Ongoing public policy developments affecting educational institutions and systems present educat..

₱ 14,710
Educational Leadership

Educational Leadership is ASCD's flagship publication. With a circulation of 175,000, Educational Le..

₱ 8,880
Educational Research Review

Educational Research Review is a international journal aimed at researchers and various agencies int..

₱ 54,910
Educational Technology

Educational Technology : The Magazine for Managers of Change in Education is the world-renowned pion..

₱ 27,560
Electric Light and Power

Bi-monthly Electric Light & Power is the magazine for management individuals in the power indust..

₱ 19,840
Electric Perspectives

Electric Perspectives, the bi-monthly publication of the Edison Electric Institute, is the only ma..

₱ 9,430
Electrical Connection

Electrical Connection provides a valuable technical update service to electrical contractors, elec..

₱ 6,330
Electronic Design

Electronic Design is the premier independent information source for electronics engineers that pro..

₱ 22,020
Electronic Gaming Monthly

Every issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly offers readers the latest news, game reviews, and tips abou..

₱ 5,710
Electronics World

Electronics World The editorial content of Electronics World, the connection of which publication wi..

₱ 20,490
ELH - English Literary History

ELH publishes superior studies that interpret the conditions affecting major works in English and..

₱ 18,180
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