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Radiologic Technology


₱ 13,130
Radiology (RSNA)


₱ 47,775
Raider Magazine

Launched in April 2008, Raider has rapidly become the magazine of choice for elite forces ..

₱ 5,710
Ranger Rick (for ages 7 up)

Ranger Rick originally Ranger Rick's Nature Magazine, is a children’s nature magazine that is publis..

₱ 3,940
Rd Walk it off


₱ 2,610
Reader's Digest (Asia)

Suffering from information overload? Reader's Digest has a cure. An informative and entertaining mix..

₱ 1,890
Reading Improvement

Reading Improvement was founded in 1963 as an academic journal that publishes reports and creative..

₱ 18,860
Real Simple

Real Simple is for smart, busy women who welcome creative solutions to their everyday challenges. Th..

₱ 6,720
Recreational Sports Journal

Research and practical information for recreational sports professionals• Offers a blend of the..

₱ 24,240

Redbook is the must-read magazine for today's young, married woman: an individual as passionate abou..

₱ 6,720
Rehabilitation Psychology
Religion and American Culture
Research in the Teaching of English

Research in the Teaching of English (RTE) is a multidisciplinary journal composed of original resear..

₱ 7,100
Resource World Magazine

Resource World Magazine reports on the business of mining, oil & gas, green technologies and t..

₱ 6,290
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