Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology
  • Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology
  • Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology

Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology


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Step into the world of criminal law and criminology with the Journal that has been shaping the discourse since its inception in 1910. Founded by the visionary Dean John Henry Wigmore during the "National Conference on Criminal Law and Criminology" in 1909, this Journal has been a trailblazer in the realm of legal scholarship. Born out of the celebration of Northwestern University School of Law's fiftieth anniversary, the Journal emerged with a mission to champion criminal justice reform, aligning itself with the Progressive Era that marked the early 20th century.

From its roots, the Journal has been a melting pot for legal minds and social scientists, breaking down disciplinary barriers to unite criminal law and criminology. This distinctive interdisciplinary approach sets the Journal apart as the only publication globally that seamlessly integrates both aspects. While its early years focused on Progressive reform ideals, the Journal has evolved to address contemporary issues, including constitutional criminal procedure, offering a platform for dialogue on the ever-evolving landscape of criminal law and criminology.

In today's context, where the Progressive reform agenda of the past century might seem distant, the Journal remains a beacon of insight. In an era witnessing shifts in punishment goals and a surge in prison populations, the Journal provides a crucial space for discourse on the criminal justice system. As we navigate rising school violence and political debates on the criminal justice system, the Journal continues its century-long tradition of fostering dialogue and debate.

For over a hundred years, the Journal has been a staple in the legal community, boasting wide readership among judges, legal academics, practitioners, criminologists, and police officers. As one of the most widely subscribed journals in the country, it stands as a testament to its relevance and influence. Dive into the world of criminal law and criminology with the Journal, where scholarly excellence meets a commitment to societal progress. Explore a century of intellectual debate that continues to shape the future of legal thought.

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