American Imago
₱ 14,010

American Imago was founded by Sigmund Freud and Hanns Sachs in 1939. It retains its luster as the le..

American Journal of Play
₱ 12,800

The American Journal of Play is a forum for discussing the history, culture, and psychology of play...

American Journal of Psychology
₱ 32,990

The American Journal of Psychology (AJP) was founded in 1887 by G. Stanley Hall and was edited in it..

American Psychologist
₱ 113,790

American Psychologist is the official journal of the American Psychological Association. As such, th..

Behavior Modification
₱ 93,460

Behavior Modification brings you high-quality research articles by distinguished scholars from a var..

Behavioral Medicine
₱ 39,530

 Behavioral Medicine is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal, which fosters and promotes t..

Behavioral Neuroscience
₱ 144,010

The primary mission of Behavioral Neuroscience® is to publish original research articles as well as ..

Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science
₱ 38,240

 The Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science publishes original, empirical contributions in the..

Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology
₱ 38,240

The Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology publishes original research papers that advance unde..

Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research
₱ 42,930

Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research is published by the Educational Publishing Foun..

Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology
₱ 52,630

Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology seeks to publish theoretical, conceptual, resear..

₱ 81,470


Feminist Formations
₱ 14,010

Feminist Formations is a peer-reviewed publication committed to providing a forum in which the resea..

₱ 8,780


Group Dynamics: Theory, Research and Practice
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