Our Services

We at JETSPEED MEDIA INC., want you to become one of our Valued Subscriber and Client.  And WE will make it worth more than you expect while you are guaranteed to satisfactory benefit from the following services our current and growing clientèle enjoy:
Jetspeed Media provides the best Personalized Service that you deserve.  A Publications Sales Representative (PSR) will be assigned to handle your account and assist you in all your publication requirements.  Your PSR will regularly communicate to update you of the latest developments in the field and to check on what requirements you may have that we could be of assistance.

While your PSR is primarily and directly responsible to liaise with you and supply you with whatever information on publications you might need, our company is manned with the competent and professional staff as well, to supply you with information and give you advice for your queries on publications to the best of our service and to your utmost satisfaction.
We employ and efficient delivery system and with our own fleet of couriers and carriers,  our company will directly deliver to you copies/issues of subscribed journals, magazines and dispatches, covered by delivery receipts, regularly and promptly.
We design and maintain a comprehensive record of all your current subscriptions – which is an effective management tool for control, monitoring and updating.  The record provides either all or selected information that might be needed to update you of your subscription status.
Our company’s claims procedures are designed to provide quick and satisfactory responses.  Claiming of missed issues are done soonest so to provide free replacement copies and the issues claimed are more likely to be still available.   We have a pro-active mechanism of claiming in behalf of our clients, missed issues/copies even without the clients calling our attention.  When missing, issues cannot be supplied, the expiration date of your subscriptions shall be advanced to compensate for the missed issue.
You shall be notified and informed of the status of your subscriptions in a considerable period before their expirations.  And should you desire, we shall send you additional information for renewal purposes.  This is to prevent any delay/lapses in your subscriptions and for you to have ample time to program budgetary requirements.  As well as – for you to continuously enjoy the benefits you derive from your subscriptions.
To get ahead or at least; to keep pace in this field with the daily changes that take place in the industry, Jetspeed Media provides a variety of ways to make sure you have the information you need on the latest journals, magazines and other publications in the market.  You will have access to our company’s database of comprehensive information on publications, journals, magazines, periodicals and research materials on any subjects of interest from various publishers worldwide.  Your inquiries will be addressed through our computerized and widest listings of publications and publishers’ catalogues.
A pro-active mechanism geared to keep you posted with the latest titles and publications in your field of interest. Our database of information is designed for easy retrieval, from which, specific data may be packaged and tailor-made to supply the required information to guide you in your decision-making process in strengthening and updating your library and information collection.
We will source and back-order single issues as well as complete volumes and will attempt to order, as far as requested, any publication you need, to complete your collection.
One of the easiest ways to increase your productivity is simply by lowering your costs - not an easy feat in this day and age.  But Jetspeed Media can surely help, with a number of cost-saving programs you can sign for as a Valued Client.   No need to pay for overseas calls and communications to and from publishers.  You do not have to go to the sellers, we are going to you.  No need for dollar remittances and problems of undelivered issues/copies as we do these for you.

With more than 35 years of Dedicated Service and Experience, We guarantee your satisfaction.

With the above and more services we accord to each and every client, We still offer the most competitive prices and rates, if not the lowest.  Even than, to a Satisfied and Valued Client that you will be … WITH US … price is not a problem for the BEST SERVICE.