Blue Line Magazine: Canada National Law Enforcement
₱ 9,590

Blue Line Magazine - As Canada's only independent law enforcement magazine, it has no leaning toward..

Combat and Survival
₱ 4,770

Combat & Survival is a quality, informed and informative title that keeps its readers up to..

Combat Handguns
₱ 5,630

Welcome to Combat Handguns magazine, your premier source for all things related to handguns and pers..

Gun Buyer's Annual
₱ 11,510

Gun's Buyer Annual Presents Black Guns is the exciting bi-monthly publication from Harris’ growing..

Guns and Ammo magazine
₱ 5,400

This magazine is edited for sportsmen with an interest in the practical application of sporting fire..

₱ 2,500

Focuses on sport hunting, and marksmanship techniques for the firearms enthusiast...

Handguns Annual
₱ 4,080


Harris Outdoor Group
₱ 12,100


Joint Force Quarterly
₱ 8,400

Explore the forefront of joint military operations and national defense strategy with Joint Force Qu..

Military Review
₱ 9,120

Discover the leading journal of professional military thought and strategy with Military Review. Pub..

Soldier of Fortune
₱ 4,110

Military information including national defense, defense budget, US foreign policy, combat reporting..

Special Warfare
₱ 8,250

Dive into the dynamic world of unconventional warfare and special operations with Special Warfare. T..

Strategy and Tactics
₱ 4,560

Strategy & Tactics (S&T) is a wargaming magazine, notable for publishing a complete new warg..

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