Subscription Guidelines


All of the prices given in a listing are subject to change without prior notice and price confirmation is on a quotation basis.  Some publishers only inform us of price changes when they receive an order.  Our practice is to provide our subscriber a quotation valid for about 60 days from date of quotation and subject for reconfirmation thereafter.  This is to ensure that no additional charges shall be answered by the subscriber once a quotation has been approved and invoiced.  Prices are based from publisher’s price for foreign subscribers, handling charges, shipping and postage.  It is suggested that subscribers should understand that Highly Technical Titles may sometime necessitate an airmail charge.


Subscriber should order at least 60 to 150 days before the subscription’s starting date, depending on the country of origin and frequency.  Normal Processing for ASIAN publication takes about 6 to 8 weeks and for EUROPEAN & USA publications, processing is about 12 to 20 weeks.  Late orders risk a publisher stock out of the desired first issue.  Publishers set their print quantities in advance and do not allow many extra copies.  Back issues are served but it is suggested that all orders are properly coordinated with us for these are subject for confirmation with the publisher in terms of stock availability and back issue rates.


Payment in full in local currency should accompany all orders.  An Official Receipt is issued upon receipt of payment for all approved quotations and invoiced titles.  We accept cash, checks, money transfers, and PayPal™ payments.


We do not guarantee the solvency of any publisher of the continued issuance of any serial.  We pay publishers cash in advance for all subscriptions.  In the event of discontinuation, we make effort to secure substitution or refund.  Credit is made to Subscriber’s Account on a pro-rated amount refunded by the publishers, only when the refund is received by us from the publisher, unless otherwise a written request is forwarded, a refund in check or cash is provided.


Most publishers cooperate in providing samples for evaluation but because of the size of our domestic market and the volume of expected sales, they may not cooperate in providing us with sample copy.  Our practice is to provide our client a brief description of the publication itself in cases when a sample copy is not available.  We could handle sample request with the publisher, however, these will take a lot of waiting time before a sample copy arrives.


Jetspeed Media Inc.’s obligation is to order subscription and service delivery or, if obtainable, substitution or refund.  We guarantee entry and service of your order, such as handling or complaints, excepting publisher bankruptcy and other non-agent responsibilities.  We cannot accept responsibility for government mails or final delivery.  Our service after entry is prompt and exhaustive in securing timely delivery.


Since most U.S. and European publications are sent by Second Class, Surface Mail, Subscribers should be asked to allow approximately 3-5 months from the date of receipt of payment for the arrival of the first copies and also giving importance to the publication’s frequency.  Subscribers should also be reminded to take this time lag into consideration when placing renewal orders or when notifying the publisher of change of address.  All of our deliveries are covered with Delivery Receipts for easy identity of recipient.  We also provide delivery summary reports to our clients for proof of delivery when nearing renewals or when term comes to an end.


When reporting delayed deliveries, address changes, or subscription adjustments, you will help speed those adjustments if you provide us the account name and number, invoice number, OR number, title of publication as well as issue dates of publication.


Any subscription form you wish to use is acceptable provided it shows the name, address, and contact number of the subscriber, the title, number of copies, term of years, whether it is a new or renewal order as well as signature to conform validity of order.

If preferred, Jetspeed Media Inc. will gladly furnish you with Subscription Order forms without charges, provided that all of the information on the order form is clearly written to avoid error and future adjustment.

We also provide Formal Quotations or Proforma Invoice for voucher preparations, all you need is to contact us and provide all of the above necessary information and we will delivery the necessary papers for payment processing without any charges at all.