Current History - A Journal of Contemporary World Affairs
₱ 6,680

Each issue is devoted to a single county or an important area of the world. Provides background mate..

₱ 10,070

Founded in 1971, diacritics offers a forum for rethinking the aims and methods of the humanities. ..

Dynamath - Teachers Edition
₱ 18,180

As a professional education journal, Education seeks to support the teaching and learning aspects of..

Education Digest
₱ 6,130

Education digest designed for the educator and administrator as a source of what's happening in educ..

Education Finance and Policy
₱ 14,710

Ongoing public policy developments affecting educational institutions and systems present educat..

Education Update
₱ 6,600

Education Update is the official member newsletter of ASCD. The newsletter focuses on trends ..

Educational Leadership
₱ 7,700 ₱ 6,160

Educational Leadership is ASCD's flagship publication. With a circulation of 175,000, Educational Le..

Educational Research Review
₱ 32,060

Educational Research Review is a international journal aimed at researchers and various agencies int..

Educational Technology
₱ 24,910

Educational Technology : The Magazine for Managers of Change in Education is the world-renowned pion..

ELH - English Literary History
₱ 18,180

ELH publishes superior studies that interpret the conditions affecting major works in English and..

English Journal
₱ 10,440

English Journal is NCTE's award-winning journal of ideas for English language arts teachers in junio..

English Leadership Quarterly
₱ 7,100

English Leadership Quarterly is a publication of CEL, the Conference on English Leadership, and help..

English Review
₱ 7,500


English Teaching Forum
₱ 3,240

English Teaching Forum' is an online,quarterly journal published by the U.S. Department of State for..

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